Daniel Bernath




“I highly recommend Cristian as a personal Trainer. The results I have achieved with him are amazing. He knows how to push you beyond your limits and won’t let you give up. Even though he trains me hard, I’m glad he does. You can joke around with him but when it comes down to it he takes his training extremely serious.


Before training with Cristian, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Cristian showed me how to use the machines, as well as show me different workouts so I don’t get bored. If you’re serious about getting the results you want, I would definitely give Cristian a go. You won’t regret it!”


Ryan S




“To write something short and straight to the point Cristian is the best Personal Trainer I have ever had. Results, laughs, advice and absolute dedication, that’s what you get from Cristian. Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength or even just to keep fit you will not be disappointed.


I’m not at my goal but I know that with Cristian I will get there. I’m not just a client to him, no one is, you’re his friend. I tell everyone about Cristian.”


Rebecca Hickey





“I started with Cristian 3 months ago and he has helped me rediscover the love I have for working out and keeping fit, so much so that I am now training to become a Personal Trainer. Cristian always finds your limits and seems to know how far he can push you.


I am very busy with a hectic schedule so I always look forward to my training sessions with Cristian. He makes you feel at ease right from the start and helps build your confidence while pushing you to almost breaking point, but not quite. Even though im gasping… I love it.


I would recommend Cristian and have done. He really inspires me.”


Bridgette Green



“When I choose to return to the gym I knew that I would need a motivator, I had tried personal training sessions with several trainers in the past but found that they weren’t exactly suited to my needs.  However, following my first session with Cristian my fears had been laid to rest. He really listened to my goals and what I expected to get out of our sessions together and used this information to tailor a program that really suited my needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”


Ash Paule



With VHF, striving to be fitter feels less daunting. Always prepared for each session, plans everything so all I have to do is turn up, do what I’m told to do and before I know it, my strength, stamina and endurance have improved tremendously. Teaches the importance and benefits of different types of training as well as educates and gives advice on wellness – not just exercise but also general health and nutritional guidelines. Assesses your strengths and weaknesses, tracks progress and makes adjustments in the program while keeping you continuously engaged, motivated and improving.

Kris Kelly



Vital health and fitness have been amazing! Both my partner and myself go to see Cristian and he is always pushing me I've also started studying to be a PT and if I can be half the PT Cristian is I would be happy!

Ricki Gorsuch



Awesome trainer, very motivated to help and teach you the healthier options in life!


Paige Formosa



Great session and great trainer :) Even in a group he still makes sure everybody gets individual help and is pushed hard.


Sara Moore




I think this is the best PT I'm starting to feel good about myself again. Best training ever ;)


Joanne Thompson