One on One Personal Training

One-on-one personal training sessions are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as more Australians recognise the many benefits they offer.  For this reason, one-on-one personal training is now an affordable training option for anyone.


Vital Health and Fitness offers 30-minute personal training sessions, one-on-one, for a fee of $49 per session.  They are designed to give you the best possible results because they are tailored to your own specific needs and fitness goals.  Together with you, we determine what areas need focus, number of sessions needed and how much you want to be pushed -- keeping in mind that the harder you work, the better the results. 


Each session will be unique and designed specifically for you.  We will provide variety not only to provide constant challenges for you but also to ensure full body training.  This method is effective in achieving your goals as well as making the sessions enjoyable and keeping you motivated.


Personal training also involves more than just your work out sessions.  We make sure we monitor your progress with regular measurements which involve a lot more than just monitoring your weight.  We will give you advice on what you need to be doing from the time you leave the training sessions to when you see us for your next session.  Depending on your goal and personal circumstances, this could include doing cardio or lifting weights.  We will also make sure to arm you with information and guidelines on how to structure your nutrition and lifestyle to achieve the optimum results.  


Personal training provides a unique opportunity to learn a lot more about healthy living enabling you to maintain the results you’ve achieved.  The individual attention provided by one-on-one personal training is certainly the most effective, targeted way for you to see fast realistic results.


Contact us now to schedule your own personal training sessions and get better results.